A great employee experience helps with retention and recruitment. Designing special spaces also has other benefits.

Outdoor Spaces

  Spending time outdoors has been shown to improve concentration and reduce stress. Reap these benefits by creating a restful outdoor space where employees can collaborate and socialize. If your office has access to a roof, terrace, or balcony, take advantage of this valuable space!

Retail Areas
  For busy professionals, on-site retail such as banking, dry cleaning, or a convenience store can help reduce the stress and interruption of running errands. If your office has the space and the scale to support on-site retail, it may be a valuable investment.

Relaxation Spaces
  Invest in the well-being of your workforce by providing spaces for rest and meditation. This can be done very economically in an existing space that is empty or under-utilized. Provide plenty of comfortable seating, space to stretch out, and warm, dimmable lighting. Add yoga mats and a bookcase to create opportunities for employees to unwind. Most importantly, if you decide to invest in creating a space for relaxation, make sure that employees are encouraged to take advantage of it!



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