Spending time around nature has been shown to reduce stress levels and increase creativity and focus. Even in an office setting, having real plants nearby may sharpen attention and boost productivity. Whether you choose to incorporate real plants into your office space, or simply take inspiration from the natural environment, here are a few ways you can bring the outdoors indoors.


Use hanging plants to divide space and lift the eye, like in this airy and creative space in Düsseldorf, Germany.


Balance out industrial metal and glass with airy, natural light wood. Repeated on the wall and in the tables, this makes AirBNB’s Tokyo office feel spacious and light-filled. Indoor trees in planters bring another touch of nature.


Create an indoor-outdoor space like in this Santa Clara office. A garage-style glass door lets sunlight in when closed, and opens to merge the indoor space with the outdoor patio.


Go green with a wall of plants, like this space in Belgium. An installation like this not only provides the psychological benefits of green space, but can even filter the air in your office! Combined with lots of natural light, this creates a tranquil but subtly energizing space.


Mimic natural textures, shapes, and colors. Although there are no plants shown in this office space in Ukraine, the mossy green upholstery and ceiling installation create a natural feeling. A wood panel, calling to mind a tree trunk, separates a more private space.


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