There are three things that make an office great, according to tech workers.

The technology sector has been relatively slow in returning to the office – understandably so, since many employees’ responsibilities can be completed from the comfort of home. However, the benefits of in-office work are undeniable, especially when it comes to cohesion and creativity. To help you draw your team back into the office, we’ve asked workers in the tech sector what they want out of their office environment.

Face-to-Face Connection

One consultant at a Big 4 firm says that her primary motivator in returning to the office is the opportunity to meet new people. Although many tech roles can be performed remotely, employees may feel more connected to the company and to their team if they spend at least some time in the office. Creating welcoming spaces such as a café or lounge can help facilitate these connections between coworkers.

Next-Level Computing

Obviously, tech workers rely on computers to get their jobs done, so an upgraded office setup can be a big draw. Many tech workers will come into the office just to have access to a faster and more powerful computer than their usual laptop. On the other hand, outdated hardware or an unreliable Internet connection might leave your team missing home.

Personal & Data Privacy

Many tech employees work with sensitive information. One cybersecurity analyst says that when she comes into the office, she needs to be sure that her screen can be kept private from people passing by. An open office has many advantages, but for the security of your company and your clients, a more enclosed setup might be beneficial for employees working with sensitive data. In addition, a private workspace can allow workers to achieve a deep level of focus without interruptions. Consider offering a variety of work environments, from open spaces with a “coffee shop” ambience to quiet, enclosed spaces for solo work.

When developing your back-to-office strategy, it’s important to consider the different roles and personality types that make up your team. What works for the marketing department may look very different from the best setup for the software development department. Want to learn more about flexible solutions for every employee? Give us a call – we’re excited to work with you!


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