Exceptional amenity spaces can help create a great employee experience – and even get your workforce excited about returning to the office! However, some amenity spaces are over-hyped and under-utilized. Here’s how to tell what’s worth your time and money.

Coffee Stations
The coffee machine has been a beloved office fixture for decades, but employers are stepping it up to provide an improved experience for guests and employees. In larger offices, a café serving specialty drinks can help everyone start their day off right. On a smaller scale, a well-stocked coffee bar with hot and iced options can provide an afternoon pick-me-up. Comfortable seating nearby promotes collaboration and socialization. One thing is for certain: a well-executed coffee station will always be put to use.

Food Amenities
For busy people looking for quick and easy lunch solutions, on-site food amenities are invaluable. Whether you choose a grab-and-go bodega, a full-service café, or even food trucks, keeping your team fed and happy can boost productivity and satisfaction. Create an attractive seating area near food options to encourage even the busiest employees to step away from their desk and recharge.

Lounge Spaces
A lounge is more than just a social space; it also provides a dynamic environment for individual and collaborative work. Many people enjoy working in a café-like space, and are energized by the movement of people around them. Lounges also promote the kinds of casual encounters that foster collaboration, and can be used for social and team-building events. A well-planned lounge can take advantage of currently under-utilized space, such as in a lobby. Because a lounge space can be thoughtfully executed at relatively little cost, it is usually a smart investment.

Fitness Facilities
Sports and fitness facilities are trendier than ever as office amenities. If well-executed, they can provide a healthy outlet for employees and promote general well-being. However, these facilities are frequently under-utilized, and can quickly become very expensive. If you determine that a fitness facility is right for your space, ensure that it is tailored to your employees’ needs. Showers and lockers will enable employees to freshen up after a lunchtime workout, and yoga or meditation classes can promote health in both mind and body. Before investing in an expensive new fitness facility, get feedback from employees to determine whether it will be put to use.

At the end of the day, determining whether an amenity space is worth the investment comes down to knowing your organization and its needs. Consider your budget, available space, and company culture – and be sure to seek out input from employees.

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