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What commercial interior contractors can learn from urban planners.

This thought-provoking article about the dark side to urban beautification highlights the ways that well-intentioned efforts to make urban spaces more welcoming and functional can backfire. Many of these insights can be applied to the communities within our office buildings, which have functional similarities to cities on a much smaller scale. Both require a balance of public and private space, and public space must meet the needs of the community at large. People and ideas need to be able to move around freely and efficiently. Here’s what the best commercial construction company learned – and how you can apply it in your own space.

Create shared spaces based on people’s activities and needs. The biggest mistake urban planners make when “improving” a public space is ignoring what residents need from the space. Urban planners who are disconnected from residents may instead focus on how they think the space should look and function. When planning a new or improved office project, make sure you understand how space is currently being utilized. Then, seek out input from office users to learn how the new space can better meet their needs while preserving what works.

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